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Title: Deluxe
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU
Summary: Changmin's an ex-stripper. Now he's a pole-dancer with money to throw around.

A/N: ex-stripper!changmin, who's now a pole-dancer with kinda jerk!Yunho as his boyfriend. Changmin as a stripper/pole-dancer is one of my biggest kinks. This has no plot whatsoever.


A lean body sits on a throne as light flashes on body parts.

The music is heavy and lagged, dragging minds through undiscovered dimensions as the body before them entrances and enchants.

A hand moves up on an armrest, long, sharp nails scratching at the fabric. The other hand moves down and three fingers stab through the seat cushion and rip it up revealing dollar notes stacked five inches high.

Changmin pulls out a couple of notes and flings them into the air, watching as the eyes in the crowd glint at the money flying in the air.

Money over body. Interesting.

He stands, fur coat falling off shoulders to reveal a black corset custom-made to allow comfort. A small leather thong tied at his hips hides nothing.

Eyes, confused, flicker up and down, left and right, settling everywhere and anywhere.

Changmin stalks over to the slim pole at the side of the stage and walks around it leisurely, his heels making the curve of his calves magnificent and finally all eyes settle on him.

He does a few body waves, never getting on his knees. He's practiced in the art of pole-dancing, not so much in stripping. His arms are strong, and he hauls himself onto the pole, twisting this way and that, extending his long legs into the air and spreading them. He's good at this, good enough to make it look effortless. He climbs higher as the crowd cheers him on above the booming music playing.

Looking down at them he thinks about how much he loves his job. He's a star up there.


Even as he enters his dressing room he still hears people screaming his name.

A minute later his door opens and his Money Throne is brought in, placed at the back for repair.

He admires the throne. Its cushions literally packed with money and covered over with a deep red fabric that is easily torn, it makes him feel like royalty.

He glances at the assistant who walks in.

"Hurry and get this shit off," he says, holding out his hands, disliking how easily the varnish on his fake nails chipped so easily. He didn't like the fake nails either, but they were necessary for ripping through the throne cushion.

The girl pulls at his fingers and rubs his nails with cold varnish remover on a cotton pad as he places a bottle of water between his thighs and uncaps it with one hand.

He downs half the bottle, thirsty after his vigorous pole-dancing.


He's in the middle of untying the ribbons on his corset when Yunho walks in, catching him in an awkward pose, back hunched with his elbows sticking out in the back.

Yunho walks up to him. "Need some help?"

Changmin grunts as he drops his arms and straightens his back, his shoulders aching a little. Yunho's hands move swift and silent, pulling knots apart until his corset is loose enough to be slipped off.

Yunho's hands run up his back, still glistening with sweat and he presses his front against Changmin's back as he wraps his arms around Changmin.

"Hey. Stop. It's weird cuddling standing up."

Yunho tightens his arms momentarily before letting go. Changmin turns to face him and pulls him in for a messy hot kiss. It's open-mouthed and vulgar, tongues stroking one another.

Changmin pushes Yunho away after leaving his mouth red all over from his lipstick and laughs.

He turns away and goes to his dressing table, arranging the the moisturisers and toners. He looks up at Yunho through the mirror, eyes sharp and intense.

Yunho stares back at Changmin's reflection. "I came to ask you something. Ask you for something."

Changmin looks away. "Money?"


You always come for the money. Sometimes I wonder if you even love me at all.

The room is silent. Then Changmin's barking laughter breaks the silence and Yunho jumps.

"God, you're so fucking lame! Just ask for it next time." Changmin sits down and nods his head in the direction of his Money Throne. "Take whatever from there."

Changmin watches Yunho kneel before the throne and pull out dollar notes. His eyes darken in interest at the sight of his boyfriend on his knees.

Yunho stands up, putting the notes in his wallet and into his jeans pocket.

Changmin wants to say something dirty as he eyes Yunho's torso, then he sees Yunho's mouth still all red and stupid. He laughs and Yunho frowns as he moves towards Changmin.

"Why are you laughing? Did you do the thing?"

"No," Changmin gasps out between giggles. His face turns serious. "You know I don't do the thing anymore. I stopped stripping after we hooked up."

Yunho hums as he strokes Changmin's hair, standing next to Changmin's sitting form.

"I'm a pole-dancer now. Just a tease, not a giver anymore. I earn more this way somehow. The fools can't wrap their heads around the fact that throwing more money at me won't make me strip."

"Yeah, you earn so much that you throw money back at them."

Changmin glances at his Money Throne. "I pity them, you know? They're fools, and I pity them. Besides, what will I do with all this money? I've got enough to make five more Money Thrones." He shrugs.

Yunho checks his wristwatch. "Ok baby, whatever you want. I gotta go."

"Where're you going? I thought we were spending the night together?"

Yunho avoids his gaze. "Sorry."


Yunho leans down to give Changmin a kiss before heading to the door. "You know I love you, right?" he says as he slips out.

Just before the door closes Changmin shouts at him, "You've got lipstick all over your face!" He hears a loud "Shit!" from outside and laughs.

The door clicks shut and his face darkens.

You know I love you(r money), right?

"Yeah Yunho. I know you do." He picks up a brush, "I love you, too," and powders his face.


Tags: pairing: yunho/changmin, rating: pg
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